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Who We Are...

The Pomona Valley Genealogy Society was founded in 1955 with the goal of providing instruction and a forum for the dissemination of information in the field of genealogy and family history.  Our monthly meetings are focused on providing presentations/discussions pertinent to genealogy.  In addition, the Society is also responsible for contributing genealogical and historical material to the Seaphus W. and Ethel M. Curtis Genealogical Collection housed in the Pomona Public Library.

The Genealogy collection supported by the PVGS has grown to over 10,000 books which are available to the public in support of their genealogical research efforts, plus over 10,000 journals in the basement which are being indexed and are currently in the catalog,  That index can be found on this website under the Pomona Public Library link, under Genealogy Resources.  There are also a number of books in the basement which are not in catalog, but can be made available.  One very special collection we are proud of is of “Germans from Russia” which cannot be found anywhere else in America because they are copies of material found only in Russia.

Our collection ranges from the basic to the obscure, including material on organizing data, DNA, writing a journal or book in genealogy style, volumes on the migration of New Mexicans to California, Germans to American, Italians to America, Civil War documentation and maps galore.  We have something for the beginner as well as the advanced researcher.  This is part of the Pomona Special Collection, which you do not find in County Libraries.  There are larger collections at the Los Angeles Public Library in downtown LA, and the Southern California Genealogical Society in Burbank, so having a collection of this size in the eastern part of LA County makes the Pomona Valley Genealogical Society very unique.

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