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Ancestral charts , sometimes called “Pedigree” or “Lineage” Charts allows you to record your family line, or those people frin whom you are directly related.  There is space for full names, dates and places of birth, marriage, and death.   This chart comes from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), one of the online resources you can use in your genealogical search.  This is a record sheet that is considered one of the two research buildling blocks for genealogists.

The second document critical to genealogical research is the Family Group Sheet.  The Family Group Sheet is a family group record created to show at least the names of the husband, wife, and children of a family.  Most family group records also show birth, marriage, and death information, additional spouses (if any) of the parents, and children’s spouses.

Use the Research Planning Worksheet to develop a strategy in approaching your research.  Start by stating what you want to accomplish.  Write down questions you want to answer as a result of your research.  Then identify the sources you will examine in order to gain answers to your questions, i.e., census records, birth records for a specific city and time period, searching records.  Then record your results.  You want to keep these worksheets so you can remind yourself of what you have already covered.

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