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Minnesota named after the Minnesota River and is a Dakota Indian word meaning probably “sky-tinted waters.”

Nicknames: Gopher State

North Star State

Land of 10,000 Lakes (actually between 15,000-20,000)

Land of Sky-blue Waters

Territorial status: 1849

(Because of the fluctuating borders of Minnesota between 1849-1858 you may find early ancestors in records from neighboring Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, or even the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario.)


* 1673 Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet explore the upper Mississippi River

* 1783 the newly formed United States wins eastern Minnesota from Great Britain.

* 1787 - Eastern Minnesota becomes part of the Northwest Territory.

* 1803 - Western Minnesota becomes of the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase

*Western Minnesota becomes successively part of Louisiana, Missouri and Michigan Territories

*Eastern Minnesota becomes part of the Indiana, Illinois and Michigan Territories

* 1819 - Zebulon Pike led an exploration party up the Mississippi and chose a site for an outpost, Fort St. Anthony (later Fort Snelling) at the mouth of the Minnesota River and it became the center of early settlement

* 1820 - Mendota, meaning "meeting of waters" in the Dakota language, began in the 1820s as a regional fur trading headquarters for the American Fur Company with Henry H. Sibley, its agent, and is the oldest permanent Euroamerican settlement in Minnesota. Henry Sibley’s house, The Sibley House, has been called the "Mount Vernon of Minnesota." From 1835 to 1862 it was the residence of Henry H. Sibley - fur trader, member of the constitutional convention, delegate to Congress, civic leader, military leader during the US- Dakota Conflict of 1862, and first governor of the state of Minnesota.

* 1832 - Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant is the 1st white resident of what’s now St. Paul. St. Paul grew so rapidly that it became the territorial capital in 1849.

*1838 Franklin Steele claims land at St. Anthony Falls, site of present-day Minneapolis.

* 1858 Minnesota becomes the 32 state on 11 May 1858

* 1862 with failed crops, tensions over land and the government’s nonpayment of promised funds drove the Dakota Indians to rebel and later that year 38 Indians were hung and Congress authorized removal of most of the tribe to South Dakota

* 1883 Dr. William Worrall Mayo founds the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to treat tornado victims.

* 1992 The Mall of America, bigger than 7 Yankee stadiums’, opens in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Statehood: 1858

Statewide records begin - birth 1900, death 1908,

marriage 1958 (held at county level)

Public-land state

Counties: 87

Contact for vital records:

Minnesota Department of Health Office of the State Registrar

Box 64882

St. Paul, MN 55164

(651) 201-5970


Minnesota Office of Tourism

500 Metro Square

121 Seventh Place E.

Metro Square, Suite 100

St. Paul, MN 55101

(888) 868-7476 www.exploreminnesota.com

African American Resources - Minnesota – Genealogy resources


Book Review - New books reported

Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Vol. 61, No. II, March/April 2007, pp 103-104

Book Review - by Little Miami Published Co. -

New Ulm, Minnesota - By Don Heinrich Tolzmann; Paper; 5.5 x 8.5 inches; xv, 371 pages; notes; bibliography; index; $34.95 plus $3.00 mailing (Ohio residents add $2.45 sales tax), ISBN 1-932250-12-3

A translation of the history and chronology of J. H. Strasser's writings of New Ulm, Minnesota, that covers the 19th century. This settlement of German immigrants, mostly from the Ulm area of Germany, was predominately populated by German immigrants who had formed the Chicago Land Society (Illinois) and, by 1856, the Turner Colonization Society of Cincinnati (Ohio). Thousands of names, businesses, cities, and events, are included in the index. Strasser's chronology provides comprehensive coverage on an almost daily basis for the first half century of New Ulm's history. A must for anyone doing German research or genealogical research as the German Turner Society encouraged its members to settle this area. There are numerous references to the cities from which they emigrated after leaving Germany.

Birth Index - http://people.mnhs.org/bci

Birth Index—Rice County, Minnesota 1870 Births – contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer


Cemeteries—Dodge County

Cemetery Name section township # interred

Maple Grove 3 Canisteo 1991

Rice Lake 6 Claremont 165

Claremont St. 10 Claremont 374

Hillside 33 Claremont 220

St. Francis De Sales 33 Claremont 166

Riverside aka Fairpoint 4 Concord 99

St. Vincent 18 Concord 80

(Old) Concord 23 Concord 1976

Fairview 22 Hayfield 1998

Evergreen 21 Mantorville 2581

St. Margaret’s Catholic 21 Mantorville 224

Berne 17 Milton 674

Milton 28 Milton 201

Ashland Union 1 Ripley 24

West St. Olaf 2 Vernon 1119

Wildwood 13 Wasioja 740

Riverside 28 Wasioja 2878

First Lutheran 32 Westfield 717

Westfield Lutheran 32 Westfield 49

CemeteriesForest Township, Rice County

Fox Lake Norwegian Cemetery (total records 103)

Fox Lake Norwegian Cemetery is located in section 34 of Forest Township, Rice County, Mn. The first church was builded in 1874 and destroyed by fire (lightning) in 1896. The second church was builted shortly after.  The congregation disbanded in 1956 and the church was dismantled and sold in 1962.

- John Dalby

List Format:  Last Name,  First Name,  Birth,  Death,  Notes

Anderson, Ingeborg, 16 Feb1808, 20 Dec 1882, Sp. Erich
Bjorneberg, Ole E., 02 Jan 1859, 12 Apr 1892
Dalby, Christine Anderson, 06 Aug 1861, 09 Jul 1936, Sp. Johannes
Dalby, Johannes Julius, 12 Mar 1843, 30 Mar 1896, Sp. C. Anderson
Dalby, Karen, 09 Sep 1820, Sep 1904, Mother of John.
Ellenson, Martin R., 08 Mar 1879, 27 Mar 1879
Ellingson, Baby, 1873
Ellingson, Christian, 1840, 1901
Ellingson, Ole, 1839, 17 May 1922, Sp. Kjersti Olson
Ellingson, Oscar E., 1866, 1885
Ellingson, Theodore O Strand, 27 Oct 1856, Oct 1947, Sp. ?
Engbretsdatter, Astri, 12 Sep 1802, 13 Feb 1893
Fredrickson, C. Mrs, 05 Feb 1856, 1948, Sp. Ole. Mar. 1881
Fredrickson, Adolph J., 13 Aug 1882, 01 Nov 1956, Par. Ole & Caroline
Fredrickson, Andrea, 03 Jan 1821, 09 Aug 1880
Fredrickson, Carl M., 12 May 1884, 28 Jul 1960, Par. Ole & Caroline
Fredrickson, Caroline, 05 Feb 1856, 10 Oct 1948, Sp. Ole
Fredrickson, Oscar L., 19 Feb 1887, 06 Jul 1954, Par. Ole & Caroline
Halvorson, Barbara, 06 Aug 1845, 14 Jul 1929, Sp. Nels
Halvorson, Nels, 16 Nov 1840, 22 Apr 1909, Sp Barbara Haugen
Hanson, Albert O., 01 Mar 1892, 12 Oct 1922, Par. Hans & Elsie
Hanson, Christi, 1833, 21 Aug 1906, Par. Erick Anderson
Hanson, Christian, 1827, 24 Nov 1885, Sp. Martha Olson
Hanson, Clara, 1885, 08 Nov 1918, Par. Hans & Elsie
Hanson, Elsie, 26 Sep 1861, 15 Sep 1940, Sp. Hans O.
Hanson, Hannah, 22 Oct 1884, 13 Jul 1946, Sp. Oscar
Hanson, Hans O., 1855, 30 Mar 1917, Sp. Elsie Uggen
Hanson, Henry E., 16 Mar 1890, 11 Dec 1961, Par. Hans & Elsie
Hanson, Hilda A., 22 May 1879, 12 Feb 1881, Par. Christ & Martha
Hanson, Martha O, 12 Jun 1846, 07 Oct 1921, Sp. Christian.
Hanson, Ole, 1828, 1874
Hanson, Oscar F., 24 Oct 1884, 23 Sep 1933, Sp. Hannah Miller
Hanson, Selmer G., 06 Apr 1896, 28 May 1962, Par. Hans & Elsie
Haugan, Emma I., 13 Feb 1888, 29 Jun 1923, Sp. Christ.
Helgeson, Ella, 1889, 18 Oct 1916, Sp. Alfred Nee Oppegard
Iverson, Elmer, 08 May 1914, P. Anton & Caroline
Johnson, Earl I., 29 Jun 1906, 29 Jun 1906, Par. Encel & Ida
Juvrud, Martha, 1837, 1881, Sp. Ole O.
Juvrud, Ole Olson, 28 May 1823, 1904, Sp. Martha Iverson
Markuson, Amelia, 01 May 1858, 07 Feb 1947, Sp. Edward
Markuson, Edward M., 17 Jun 1844, 04 Jul 1930, Sp. Amelia Johnson
Nelson, Adolph M., 1882, 29 Apr 1964, Brother to Thalia
Nelson, Katherine, 30 Dec 1858, 04 Jul 1930, Sp. ? Nee Thompson
Nelson, Thalia A., 10 Nov 1881, 19 Jan 1958, Sister to Adolph M.
Olson, Arne, 11 Jun 1826, 10 Dec 1883
Olson, Dyneva, 22 Sep 1844, 29 Nov 1873, Sp. Gulik
Olson, Halvor, 15 Sep 1884, 10 Apr 1892
Oppegaard, Betta H., 1886, 26 Feb 1925, Par. Enge & Karen
Oppegaard, Engebret O., 01 May 1846, 08 Sep 1928, Sp Marie Stromsod
Oppegaard, Engebret O., 01 May 1846, 08 Sep 1928 Sp Karen Hanson
Oppegaard, Karen J., 22 Dec 1862, 09 Jul 1929, Sp. Engebret O.
Oppegaard, Maria, 08 May 1851, 26 Oct 1878, Sp. Engebret O. 
Oppegard, Anna, 1874, 1876
Oppegard, Anton, 02 Nov 1872, 16 Sep 1938, Sp. Ethel Hill
Oppegard, Christian, 1843, 1910, Sp. Randine Nelson
Oppegard, Ingevold, 14 Oct 1874, 1913 Sp Serena Juvrud
Oppegard, Randine, 1850, 17 May 1925, Sp. Christ.
Oppegard, Sarah, 1876, Baby
Oppegard, Serena, 22 Oct 1877, 14 Aug 1965, Sp. Ingvold
Oppegarden, Bitta Helena, 17 Aug 1853, 23 Aug 1880, D. Ole & Ponnaug
Rosby, Agnes C., 13 Feb 1894, 20 Nov 1968, P. Thorvald & Marie
Rosby, Bedstemor, 1789, 1876
Rosby, Kristi, 24 Feb 1838, 22 Apr 1914, Sp. Ole T.
Rosby, Marie, 20 Dec 1872, 02 Aug 1941, Sp. Thorvald.
Rosby, Olaf H., 19 Sep 1896, 02 Nov 1949, P. Thorvald & Marie
Rosby, Ole T., 18 Jun 1832, 14 Apr 1914, Sp. Kristi
Rosby, Theodore M., 02 Jan 1899, 31 Oct 1967, P. Thorvald & Marie
Rosby, Thorvold O., 26 Sep 1864, 31 Aug 1959, Sp Marie Kirkemo
Storley, Martha, 08 Jan 1921, Sp. Ole. Nee Ellingson Age 76
Strand, Elling O., 12 Dec 1805, 03 Jan 1896, Sp. Ragnild.
Strand, Karie E., 21 Jul 1856, 26 Apr 1930, Sp. Theodore O. S.
Strand, Maren E., 08 Jul 1848, 29 Dec 1893
Strand, Ragnhild, 12 Jul 1815, 05 Oct 1903, Sp. Elling
Strand, Theodore E., 27 Oct 1856, 07 Oct 1947, Sp. Karie
Thompson, Albert M., 22 Apr 1868, 24 Jan 1940
Thompson, Anna T., 13 Aug 1873, 10 Oct 1962
Thompson, Anton T., 27 Jun 1879, 26 May 1962, Sp. Fredericka Thompson
Thompson, Clara H., 31 Jan 1885, 15 Decd 1976
Thompson, Edward A., 15 Jun 1855, 24 Sep 1928, Par. Theo. & Mary
Thompson, Elmer, 1892, 1913
Thompson, Fredricka, 20 Jun 1876, 23 Mar 1947, Sp. Anton
Thompson Inger, 31 Jul 1850, 25 Mar 1913, Sp. Reier
Thompson Mary, 1822, 1895
Thompson Reier, 20 Mar 1845, 18 Jun 1929, Sp. Inger Uggen
Thompson Rosetta, 1889, 1910
Thompson Swen A. F., 18 Feb 1914, Sp. ? age 85
Thompson Thelmer, 12 Sep 1907, 18 Jul 1931, Par. Anton & Frede
Thompson, Theodore, 1819, 18 ?
Thostessen, Martha
Thostessen, Sven
Uggen, Anders, 13 Sep 1855, 27 Jul 1889
Uggen, Anders F., 21 Aug 1852, 24 Mar 1924, Sp. Oline Kirkemoe
Uggen, Anders F., 21 Aug 1852, 24 Mar 1924, Sp. Olina Olson
Uggen, Anne Nyhus, 08 Apr 1820, 10 Jan 1899, Sp. Fingar O.
Uggen, Anne Miss, 24 Apr 1899, 11 Mar 1975, Par Andrew & Olina
Uggen, Carl O., 1896, 1915, Par Andrew & Olina
Uggen, Fingar, 17 Feb 1817, 25 Apr 1883, Sp. Anne Nyhus
Uggen, Julia Miss, 10 Feb 1884, 01 Feb 1949 Par Andrew & Olina
Uggen, Lillian V., 25 Feb 1903, 05 Feb 1939, Par Andrew & Olina
Uggen, Mabel I., 15 May 1901, 03 Dec 1990, Par Andrew & Oline
Uggen, Oline K., 11 May 1861, 31 Aug 1924, Sp. Andrew
Wahl, Fredrika, 1875, 1908, Sp. Carl
Walstrom, Philman O., 25 Sep 1937, 25 Sep 1937, Par Ogden & Viola.

German Union Cemetery (total records 170)
Forest Township, Rice County, Minnesota

The German Union Cemetery is located in section 17 of Forest Township, Rice County, MN.

- John Dalby

List Format:  Last Name,  First Name,  Birth,  Death,  Notes

Abel, Anna, 08 Apr 1878, 29 Nov 1880, Par. John & Elizabeth
Abel, Dora, 10 Mar 1867, 22 Nov 1880, Par. John & Elizabeth
Abel, Elizabeth Bohme, Jun 1836-40, 1902, Sp. John. Nee: Bohme
Abel, Henry, 31 Dec 1873, 22 Nov 1880, Par John & Elizabeth
Abel, John, Apr 1828-38, 12 Mar 1903, Sp. Elizabeth Bohme
Abel, Mary E., 1902, 1906
Abel, Matilda, 28 May 1885, 02 Jul 1885, Par. John & Elizabeth
Amstutz, Tilman Rev., 02 Aug 1992, Sp. Esther Demann
Baldwin, Emma Demann, 12 Nov 1894, 01 Dec 1965, Sp. William.
Baldwin, William Leroy Jr., 12 Oct 1924, 21 May 1932, Par. William & Emma
Beyer, Charles Frederick, 1873, 15 Jul 1920, Sp. Emma Abel
Beyer, Emma Hannah Abel, 31 Jan 1876, 15 Oct 1966, Sp. Chas. & William
Beyer, Frederick William, 1880, 06 May 1953, Par. Wm. & Frederika
Beyer, Frederika Beese, 1839, 13 May 1922, Sp. Wm. Nee: Buse ?
Beyer, Herman, 07 Aug 1852, 13 Sep 1957, Par. Wm. & Frederika
Beyer, Ida Kolterman, 1880, 30 Dec 1928, Nee: Kolterman ?
Beyer, Girl, 1904, 1904, Par Charles & Emma
Beyer, William F. Sr., 23 Jan 1833, 19 Feb 1901, Sp. Fredericka Beese
Beyer, William Frederick, 07 Aug 1864, 06 Jul 1948, Sp. 1-? 2-Emma Abel
Christensen, Hans Peter, 27 Sep 1902, 19 Mar 1983, Sp. Irene M. Beyer
Demann, Anna E., 1896, 20 Feb 1957, Par. August & Anna
Demann, Anna M. Hirdler, 1862, 16 Jun 1921, Sp. August Jr.
Demann, August, 07 Oct 1856, 14 Feb 1935, Sp. Anna Hirdler
Demann, August, 1826, 25 Jan 1884, Civil war vet 2 Sp's
Demann, Charles, 14 Jan 1858, 25 May 1931, Sp. Marquerite Meehl
Demann, Charles E., 08 Nov 1909, 07 Dec 1969, Par. Charles & Mary
Demann, Charles J. Jr., 04 Dec 1885, 24 Jun 1902
Demann, Charles W., 14 Jan 1859, 28 Feb 1935, Sp. Mary Remick
Demann, Christian, 01 Jan 1854, 22 Oct 1925, Par. Christ & Johanna
Demann, Christian, 1822, 1892, Sp. Johanna Hewman
Demann, Cora, 18 Aug 1891, 12 May 1892
Demann, Fredrich, 1861, 1888
Demann, George, 1867, Apr 1901
Demann, Johanna Hewman, 1829, Jun 1911, Sp. Christian
Demann, Marguerite Meehl, 23 Jul 1863, 21 Jun 1908, Sp. Charles
Demann, Mary Remick, 26 Apr 1865, 03 Mar 1953, Sp. Charles W.
Demann, Mary A., 22 Nov 1899, 01 Mar 1972, Par. Charles & Mary
Demann, Paul, 01 Jan 1919, 04 Jan 1919, Par. George & Hazel
Demann, Violet, 04 Feb 1893, 06 Feb 1893
Demann, Walter, 19 Mar 1908, 30 Mar 1926, Par. Charles & Mary
Demann, William, Aug 1855, 12 Jul 1939
Demann, William E., 25 May 1891, 08 Oct 1958, Par. August & Anna
Dierking, Louise Siemers, 05 Mar 1879, 06 Mar 1899, Sp. Albert
Edwards, Elizabeth, 1844, Mar 1928
Enfield, Baby Girl, 01 Nov 1938, Stillborn
Eng, Anna B. Siemers, 1884, 05 May 1957, Sp. 1-Ole Eng
Eng, Emanuel Donald, 02 Jan 1915, 10 Sep 1969, Sp. Verna Shaw
Eng, Ole, 1873, 03 Nov 1914, Sp. Anna B. Siemers
Evert, Charles W., 1871, 10 Mar 1922, Sp. Elizabeth Remick
Evert, Elizabeth Remick, 21 Sep 1874, 04 Sep 1942, Sp. Charles
Evert, Gottlieb, 1867, 1881, Par. John & Louise
Evert, John L., 01 Jan 1876, 13 Nov 1960, Par. John & Louise
Evert, John Sr., 18 Sep 1838, 05 Oct 1927, Sp. Louise Siedler
Evert, Joseph C., 1904, Par. Chas & Elizabeth
Evert, Louise Siedler, 1839, 1880, Sp. John
Fick, Charlotta, 1864, 1871
Fick, Henry Christian, 28 Apr 1867, 08 Oct 1907, Sp. Sophia Siemers
Fick, Marie, 1830, 1910
Fick, Sophia M. Siemers, 14 Dec 1874, 16 Jul 1955, Sp. 1-Henry C.
Fick, William, 1827, Jan 1901
Fischer, George John, 10 Apr 1899, 11 Jan 1976, Sp. Hazel Schoen
Fischer, Hazel A. Schoen, 06 Jan 1903, 13 Jun 1989, Sp. George J.
Fischer, Herman Sr., 04 Mar 1864, 05 May 1952, Sp. Mary Abel
Fischer, Herman W. Jr., 1896, 26 Jan 1974, Par. Herman & Mary
Fischer, Mary Lorina, 07 Sep 1902, 06 Jun 1908, Par. Herman & Mary
Fischer, Mary M. Abel, 20 Feb 1869, 22 Jul 1931, Sp. Herman Sr.
Fram, Gottieb Johanna, 19 Sep 1815, 02 Sep 1889
Hanna, Arthur L., 1887, 07 Aug 1967, Sp. Martha Evert
Hanna, Martha Evert, 1897, 15 Apr 1957, Sp. Arthur L.
Henry, Marjorie Ludwig, 01 Dec 1919, 25 Jan 1993, Sp. Prof. Robert L.
Hirdler, Ernest, 1833, 14 Apr 1908
Hirdler, Grandma
Hyland, Rose Hofert, 1863, 10 Oct 1936
Jones, Joesph C., 10 Jul 1918, No marker
Kern, John Henry, 1823, 25 Jan 1908, Sp. Anna Vetter
Kolterman, Albertina Krueger, 05 Jun 1933, Sp. Fred
Kolterman, August, 13 Jul 1943, Par. Fred & Albertina
Kolterman, Fred, 21 Feb 1948, Par. Fred & Albertina
Kolterman, Fredrick, 11 Aug 1921, Sp. Albertina Krueger
Kolterman, Gustave F., 1874, 11 Feb 1923, Par. Fred & Albertina
Kolterman, Herman, 1884, 1901
Kolterman, Mary, 1888, 1901
La Pierre, Frances H. Schulz, 12 Mar 1899, 08 Feb 1945, Sp. George
Lepeska, Sophia M. Siemers, 14 Dec 1874, 16 Jul 1955, Sp. 2-Joseph
Law, Baby Girl, 08 Dec 1938, Par. Edwin & Dora
Ludwig, Carl H., 10 May 1902, 21 Sep 1902, Par. Henry Henrietta
Ludwig, Bretchen, 1903, 24 Jun 1914, Par. Henry Henrietta
Ludwig, Henrietta Demann, 17 Apr 1884, 20 Jan 1951, Sp. Henry
Ludwig, Henry F., 11 Oct 1870, 01 Feb 1945, Sp. Henrietta Demann
Meehl, Carolina Voss, 1866, 1904, Sp. William
Meehl, Henrietta Peters, 1828, 1902, Sp. Jacob
Meehl, Jacob, 1819, Aug 1891, Sp. Henrietta Peters
Meehl, William P., 08 Jun 1858, 08 Feb 1915, Sp. Caroline Voss
Meyer, Anna Frothingham, 13 Mar 1808, 07 Nov 1891, Sp. ?
Mielke, Frank Fredrick, 1871, 03 Sep 1948, Sp. Minnie Demann
Mielke, Frank Jr, 1897, 1897, Par. Frank & Minnie
Mielke, Johanna A. Radtke, 24 Jun 1843, 20 Sep 1924, Sp. Karl
Mielke, Karl F. E., 05 May 1841, 25 Jan 1921, Sp. Johanna Radtke
Mielke, Mary Ludwig, 19 Oct 1874, 28 Mar 1937, Sp. Frank
Peter, Phillip, 02 Oct 1820, 10 Mar 1874, Sp. Caroline Schrieber
Prinzing, Anna B. Siemers, 16 Mar 1884, 05 May 1957, Sp. Jacob.
Prinzing, Baby
Prinzing, Baby, 1923
Prinzing, Cecelia, 11 Apr 1880, 08 Jul 1952, Par. John & Paula
Prinzing, Charles F., 01 Jan 1872, 26 Jun 1939, Sp. Mary Beyer
Prinzing, Esther M. Beyer, 07 Sep 1902, 31 Mar 1993, Sp. Roland
Prinzing, Fredrick J., 31 Jul 1875, 22 Nov 1969, Sp. Martha Beyer
Prinzing, Herbert Frederick, 12 Sep 1910, 03 Jun 1978, Par. Fred & Martha
Prinzing, Jacob August, 22 Feb 1870, 14 Apr 1964, Sp. Anna Siemers
Prinzing, Jeanette Lucille, 02 May 1948, 12 Jan 1949, Par. Ray & Lucille
Prinzing, John Fredrick, 11 Apr 1838, 13 Feb 1913, Sp. Paula Fink
Prinzing, Martha M. Beyer, 28 Jul 1879, 20 Aug 1965, Sp. Fredrick
Prinzing, Mary Beyer, 23 Dec 1880, 14 Feb 1961, Sp. Charles F.
Prinzing, Pauline Fink, 1847, 23 Jan 1914, Sp. John F.
Prinzing, Raymond Frederick, 14 Aug 1920, 27 Apr 1975, Sp. Lucille Keane
Prinzing, Roland Charles, 01 Jun 1908, 02 Jul 1989, Sp. Esther Beyer
Remick, Baby, 1895
Remick, Elizabeth Ochs-Ault, 1843, 1901, Sp. Joseph
Remick, Fred, 08 Aug 1895, 24 May 1959, Par. Henry & Sophie
Remick, Henry, 11 Dec 1859, 27 Apr 1922, Sp. Sophie Demann
Remick, Henry J. Jr., 1891, 19 Nov 1958, Par. Henry & Sophie
Remick, Joseph, 1831, 06 Mar 1919, Sp. Eliza Ochs-Ault
Remick, Joseph E., 1869, 1928, Par. Joseph & Eliza
Remick, Mayland Vane, 23 May 1914, 16 Jun 1943, Par. Henry & Sophie
Remick, Sophia Demann, 27 Mar 1865, May 1932, Sp. Henry
Remick, William, 1868, 1917
Ross, Anna Marie Dodes, 27 Oct 1874, 31 Jan 1952, Sp. John
Ross, Twin Boys, 29 Sep 1968, 29 Sep 1968, Par. Robert & Kathy
Ross, George, 26 Mar 1906, 05 Nov 1925, Par. John & Anna
Ross, Heinreich J. L., 07 Sep 1878, 23 Oct 1878, Par. Henry & Minnie
Ross, Henry, 08 Nov 1846, 01 Feb 1931, Sp. Wilhelmine Fram
Ross, John Frederick, 11 Dec 1876, 25 Oct 1943, Sp. Anna Dodes
Ross, John W. Jr., 07 Mar 1913, 07 Mar 1927, Par. John & Anna
Ross, Joseph Johann, 10 May 1888, 26 Jun 1888, Par. Henry & Minnie
Ross, Wilhelmine Fram, 24 Sep 1845, 25 Jun 1896, Sp. Henry
Rost, Martin H., 13 Feb 1913, 20 Oct 1955, Sp. Irene Heath
Sand, George A., 24 Jun 1896, 26 Sep 1963, Sp. Gertrude Wharton
Sand, Gertrude H., 1889-90, 20 Feb 1978, Sp. George A.
Schulz, Emma M. Siem, 16 Jan 1911, 22 Jun 1974, Sp. Henry G.
Schulz, Frank Henry, 16 Mar 1895, 31 Oct 1956, Par. John & Heinrietta
Schulz, Henrietta Evert, 17 Sep 1865, 24 Dec 1939, Sp. John
Schulz, Henry G., 08 Jul 1906, 11 May 1943, Sp. Emma Siem
Schulz, John, 1860, 23 Sep 1912, Sp. Henrietta Evert
Schulz, John Godfrey, 12 Sep 1890, 22 Feb 1942, Par. John & Henrietta
Siemers, Carrie Eng, 19 Sep 1882, 24 Jul 1965, Sp. Dederick
Siemers, Dederick, 18 Dec 1871, 03 Sep 1939, Sp. Alma C. Eng
Siemers, Friedrich, 10 May 1864, 15 Oct 1923, Par. Henry & Margaret
Siemers, Henry R. Sr., 27 Aug 1838, 30 Sep 1904, Sp. Margaret Meyers
Siemers, Louise Siemers, 05 Mar 1879, 06 Mar 1899, Sp. Albert
Siemers, Margaret Meyers, 23 Jun 1844, 13 Dec 1919, Sp. Henry
Siemers, Roger Henry, 19 Sep 1923, Par. Joseph & Amelia
Smuda, Frank J., 1935, Baby of F. A.
Smuda, Paul A., 1935, Age 2 mos. of F. A.
Stehly, Jacob J., 1891, 1907
Venaro, Florence Wharton, 28 Jun 1882, 17 Nov 1960, Sp. Max J.
Venaro, Maximillian J., 26 Jan 1876, 04 Sep 1931, Sp. Florence Wharton
Wadekamper, Elsie E. Prinzing, 05 Aug 1900, 27 Jun 1973, Sp. Henry
Wadekamper, Henry John, 24 Feb 1897, 25 Mar 1945, Sp. Elsie Beyer
Wadekamper, Julius Ceaser, 23 Jan 1870, 25 Mar 1936, Sp. Louisa Abel
Wadekamper, Louisa Abel, 28 Nov 1870, 20 Mar 1955, Sp. Julius
Wadekamper, Rudolph Caeser, 02 Jun 1903, 24 Mar 1998, Sp. Katherine Spartz
Wedekamper, Bertha, 13 Feb 1864, 19 Jun 1876, Par. Herman & Mary
Wedekamper, Herman, Jan 1816, 13 Apr 1895, Sp. Mary Oals
Wedekamper, Mary Oals, 13 Jan 1824, 10 Jul 1888, Sp. Herman
Wedekamper, Theodore, 15 Dec 1861, 22 Jan 1904, Par. Herman & Mary
Wharton, Albert Orlando, 1845, 15 Jan 1926, Sp. Frances Johnson
Wharton, Francis, 14 Apr 1892, 27 Apr 1892, Par. Albert & Francis
Wharton, Susan Johnson, 1850, 05 Sep 1908, Sp. Albert
Zanmiller, Elsie Ann Fick, 27 Jul 1900, 17 Jul 1994, Sp. Rudolph
Zanmiller, Rudolph Martin, 22 Jul 1905, 21 Mar 1990, Sp., Elsie, Fick


CemeteriesGoodhue -- John Dalby



Abandoned Sec. 14 Haycreek 10

Aspelund Immanuel Sec. 20 Wanamingo 459

Bellechester St Mary Sec. 32 Belvidere 678

Belvidere Union Sec. 4 Belvidere 185

Burnside - Salem Sec. 28 Burnside 1677

Calvary Sec. 32 Red Wing 1506

Cannon Falls Sec. 18 Cannon Falls 3622

Cannon River Luth. Sec. 3 Cannon Falls 197

Cherry Valley Sec. 24 Stanton 249

Comstock Family (Abandoned) Sec. 23 Cherry Grove 14

Cordes Sec. 31 Florence 31

County Line Sec. 34 Roscoe 36

County Line Sec. 6 Welch 99

Dale Sec. 10 Cherry Grove 563

Dale (Old) Sec. 34 Wanamingo 5

Eidsvold Sec. 32 Leon 29

Evergreen Sec. 21 Goodhue 397

Fairpoint Sec. 33 Cherry Grove 31

Frontenac Cem. Assoc. Sec. 11 Florence 574

Frontenac Episcopal Sec. 11 Florence 49

German Methodist Episcopal Sec. 19 Hay Creek 118

German Evangelical Sec. 34 Featherstone 3

German Methodist (Abandoned) Sec. 7 Minneola 1

Gol Luth. Sec. 5 Kenyon 739

Grace Luth. Sec. 35 Goodhue 325

Gravebakken Sec. 29 Vasa 34

Hauge Sec. 7 Kenyon 153

Hegre Sec. 36 Kenyon 319

Hoff Sec. 18 Belvidere 63

Holden Sec 19 Wanamingo 1326

Hope Sec. 29 Featherstone 220

Immanuel German Luth. Sec. 19 Hay Creek 848

Immanuel German Luth. Sec. 31 Florence 127

Kenyon Sec. 3 Kenyon 1872

Lands Luth. Sec. 35 Minneola 1438

Little Cannon Sec. 21 Holden 125

Methodist Knoll Sec. 19 Holden 178

Minneola Luth. Sec. 5 Minneola 566

Mount Carmel Swedish Baptist Sec. 18 Burnside 20

Norwegian Methodist EpiscopalSec. 20 Belvidere 41

Oakwood Red Wing, Mn. Sec. 32 Red Wing 10,365

Old German Evangelical Sec. 12 Belvidere 35

Old Hauge Sec. 3 Holden 10

Pine Island Sec. 32 Pine Island 3424

Polar Grove Sec. 14 Pine Island 13

Poor Farm Sec. 22 Burnside 42

Prairie Island Community Sec. 25 Welch 217

Presbyterian Sec. 22 Goodhue 38

Rose (Abandoned) Sec. 22 Hay Creek 5

Spring Garden Sec. 11 Cannon Falls 1038

St Ansgar Sec. 18 Cannon Falls 198

St Columbkill Sec. 14 Belle Creek 669

St John's Evangelical Sec. 25 Red Wing 1243

St John's Sec. 14 Goodhue 475

St John's Luth. Sec. 3 Minneola 188

St Michael's Cath. Sec. 27 Holden 55

St Paul's Episcopal Sec. 18 Belle Creek 105

St Paul's Cath.Zumbrota, Mn. Sec. 25 Minneola 123

St Peter German Luth. Sec. 14 Belvidere 357

St Pius Cath. Sec. 18 Cannon Falls 520

St Rose Cath. Sec. 28 Cherry Grove 254

Stanton Sec. 31 Stanton 568

Stordahl Sec. 10 Roscoe 298

Swedish Methodist Episcopal Sec. 17 Goodhue 51

Swedish Baptist Sec. 15 Vasa 27

Swedish Methodist Sec. 15 Vasa 114

Swedish Mission (Abandoned) Sec. 19 Belle Creek 12

Trinity Luth. Sec. 24 Wanamingo 284

United Luth. Sec. 36 Minneola 476

Urland Sec. 30 Leon 751

Vang Sec. 4 Holden 1055

Vasa Sec. 13 Vasa 2167

Villa Maria Convent Sec. 11 Florence 48

Vining Sec. 23 Florence 7

Wacouta Town Sec. 31 Wacouta 197

Wanamingo Luth. Sec. 23 Wanamingo 439

Wangen Prairie Sec. 25 Stanton 161

Welch Sec. 15 Welch 474

Welles Creek (Abandoned) Sec. 25 Hay Creek 49

Zion Swedish Luth. Sec. 18 Goodhue 147

Zumbrota Sec. 25 Minneola 3214

Compiled by John Dalby

Cemeteries – Rice County—Maple Lawn Cemetery

1917 Northwest Fourth Street, Faribault,

Minnesota, USA

Although Maple Lawn Cemetery was first officially organized in 1871, there were likely several burials here before that date

CemeteriesSteele County -- John Dalby [jdalby@charter.net]



Aurora. Sec. 15 Aurora 31

Aurora. Sec. 33 Havana 338

Berlin. Sec. 13 Berlin 97

Blooming Prairie.Blooming Prairie, Mn.Sec. 36 Blooming Prairie 960

Bohemian National. Sec. 22 Owatonna 962

Bragg Sec. 30 Lemond 2

Brase Sec. 29 Meriden 180

Corpus Christi Sec. 17 Deerfield 105

Crane Creek Sec. 26 Deerfield 187

Czech National Sec. 24 Summit 160

Dane Sec. 3 Somerset 31

Dania Sec. 4 Havana 176

Danish Sec. 27 Lemond 162

Danish Baptist Sec. 17 Blooming Prairie119

Deerfield Sec. 23 Deerfield 11

Degner Sec. 36 Owatonna 33

First Luth. Ellendale, Mn. Sec. 36 Berlin 605

Forest Hill. City of Owatonna Sec. 3 Owatonna 5855

German Cem. Assoc. Sec. 30 Deerfield 52

German Meth. Episc. Sec. 12 Aurora 34

Havana Sec. 17 Havana 388

Hoffman. Sec. 26 Deerfield 63

Lemond aka East Meriden Sec. 2 Lemond 32

Litompsl Holy Trinity Sec. 25 Somerset 628

Medford Trinity Luth. Sec. 1 Deerfield 46

Medford Union. Sec. 4 Medford 589

Merton Sec. 16 Merton 130

Miller aka Mueller Sec. 22 Meriden 133

Moland Luth. Sec 11 Merton 425

Norwegian Meraker Sec. 27 Deerfield 21

Oak Hill Sec. 20 Clinton Falls 173

Oak Mound Sec. 17 Somerset 27

Orphanage Cem. City of Owatonna. Sec. 9 Owatonna 199

Owatonna Memorial Sec. 28 Clinton Falls 1387

Pontoppidan Sec. 18 Lemond 307

Resurrection Sec. 17 Medford 201

Riverside Sec. 8 Medford 247

Saco Sec. 6 Summit 50

Sacred Heart Sec. 21 Owatonna 3715

St Ansgar Sec. 27 Somerset 179

St Columbanus. Cath. Sec. 36 Blooming Prairie 755

St John's Sec. 36 Havana 405

St John's. City of Owatonna. Sec. 3 Owatonna 2214

St Paul's Sec 19 Meriden 324

Steele Center Sec. 16 Somerset 359

Summit Danish Luth. Sec. 34 Summit 52

Thompson Sec. 27 Havana 108

Union Sec. 9 Blooming Prairie 393

Zion Sec. 27 Lemond 129

Compiled by John Dalby

Cemetery Database - http://www.dalbydata.com/user.php?action=cemsearch

Cemeteries -- Steele County Minnesota

There is listed 54 cemeteries. There may be some missed because

they have been destroyed by the elements of time and neglect and

others overlooked. Most of the cemeteries in Steele County are kept

in good condition, but some are rather neglected and some of these

are now cared for by Steele County or the township.

Many of the cemeteries are nationalist based. The names and various

Languages verify which nationality is predominate in a cemetery.

Some cemeteries are affiliated with a church, but are away from the

church and some are Church Yard Cemeteries. All of these are well

cared for.

The very first settlers to Steele Co and Owatonna were the eastern

Americans. These early settlers came to Steele county from New

England, New York, and the North Eastern coast states and these

settlers were buried in Oak Mound, Somerset twp near Hope, Berlin

Twp Cemetery near Ellendale, Elmire near Hope (no markers), East

Meriden Lemond Cemetery (Lemond Road,) Bragg Cemetery south of

Lemond, Oak Hill at Clinton Falls, Riverside and Union at Medford,

Merton Twp Cemetery, Havana Cemetery, Coggswell and Aurora Twp

Cemetery and Sacred Heart and Forest Hill Cemetery also have

eastern Americans many with English names.

Forest Hill has a mixture of all nationalities found in Steele

County and Owatonna and is the largest cemetery in the county.

The very first cemetery in Owatonna was located where the old

Milwaukee Depot was located just north of Front Street which was

called the Owatonna Cemetery with records from the Steele County

Recorder's Office in Owatonna. These records show burial lot

assignments on June 20 1866 to Addison Phelps, 1866 to Ewelin

Stebeus, Wait Stoughton, Elias Scarwel, 1867 John Duckeing, 1868

Owing & Hables. The record was made May 15, 1872.

When the Rail Road was built thru Owatonna, the bodies were moved

to the new cemetery north of town, Forest Hill. The original part

of the cemetery is on the hill overlooking Dartt’s Park.

Forest Hill was plotted out in Sections and Divisions with roads

and drives.

Early German names will be found in Owatonna at St Johns Cemetery,

St Paul’s Cemetery, the older Meriden Cemetery, Mueller and Rhodes

Cemeteries (together)in Meriden twp. There are six cemeteries with

many German names in Deerfield Twp. One is north of Meriden, Corpis

Christi has many German names as well as other nationalities and a

small cemetery west of Clinton Falls. Crane Creek has two cemeteries

together with mostly German names and Trinity Lutheran Church of

Medford has a cemetery in the north part of Deerfield twp. Zion

Church Yard in Lemond twp has mostly German names and The Lemond

Twp Cemetery a mile east has many German names. Steele Center

Lutheran Church Cemetery also has more German names than other

nationalities. The Degner German Cemetery (Owatonna German

Cemetery) in the south part of Owatonna Twp is all German names.

Also in the Johns E V Lutheran Church Yard Cemetery in Havana twp

are German names and just south a mile or so is another Cemetery

with mostly German names of the area.

Most of the Scandinavian names in Steele County are Norwegian and

Danish. You will find the Norwegian names at Thompson Cemetery in

Havana Twp and a mile or so south at the Aurora Lutheran Church

Yard Cemetery, Moland Lutheran Church Yard Cemetery in Merton twp

near Moland, Union Lutheran Church Cemetery near Blooming Prairie

and one or both cemeteries in Blooming you can find Norwegian and

Danish names (one Catholic and one protestant. The St Ansgar

Cemetery on Highway 30 east of Ellendale and the Ellendale Lutheran

Church south of Ellendale, also Pontoppadan Lutheran Church in

Lemond Twp has mostly Norwegian names. The old Lemond Cemetery near

the Lemond town hall has Norwegian and German names. The Meraker

Norwegian Cemetery is all that is left of the church and the people

that were Norwegian and lived in Deerfield twp. The Danish names

are found in Havana Twp at Dania Cemetery, on the old Dane Road,

In Somerset Twp north east of Steele Center, on the south county

line in Summit twp and the Danish Baptist Church Cemetery in Blooming

Prairie twp.

You will find Czech (Bohemian) names at Litomysl in south Somerset

twp, cESKO NARODII HrBITV Cemetery in Summit twp, (St Vences Lous)

HrBITOV SV VACLVA Cemetery near Saco in Somerset twp, The Bohemian

National Cemetery in Owatonna twp south of Owatonna. Also many

Czech (Bohemian) names are found in the Sacred Heart Cemetery in

the south part of Owatonna.

The early immigrants from European countries did not mix well with

each other or with the Americans already settled in Steele County.

It seems like each tried to retain as much of their native language

and former customs as they could. It was difficult to trust someone

of another nationality. The national barriers only broke down as

another generation came and the next generation came and the melting

pot process in Steele County began to work. The various cemeteries

in Owatonna and Steele County shows that nationality was very

important and even today the cemeteries that people chose for

burial, reflects some of their forefathers attitudes.

The Steele County and Owatonna cemeteries also show Steele County

people have always been loyal and patriotic (all nationalities)

and many have died in service to this country. Many also served

and came home and lived in Steele County and Owatonna and now rest

in these cemeteries with military markers of the service and

command they served in. Many are noted as veterans and many are

commemorated by the GAR, The American Legion, And the VFW in all

wars. Some veterans served before the county was settled and came

along with the migration of the early settlement. And they rest

here in these emeteries.

Many of the early stone markers are made from white marble and are

very fragile and are very hard to read and some of them have lost

their memorial message. Some of them are broken and gone and so

there are graves that don't have any marker left and many of these

pioneer people set the way for us. Our Steele County and Owatonna

cemeteries hold so much HISTORY of families and the stories of the

past in Owatonna that can be told with a visit to the cemetery with

some reflection.

Grandview Memorial Gardens became Owatonna Memorial Gardens, north

of Owatonna and Resurrection Cemetery west of Medford are only about

35 years old so they are new. Many of the County's cemeteries are

active and will continue to grow. Other cemeteries are not active

and remain silently as a memorial to many of Steele County's and

Owatonna's earliest pioneers.

Written and researched by Ronald E Houghtelin January 1993

Census - 1849 Minnesota Territorial Census - http://www.parkbooks.com/Html/res_18~1.html

Census - Minnesota territorial and state censuses 1849-1905 can be found on www.ancestry.com

* Pre-statehood Minnesota relatives may appear in territorial censuses of Iowa (1840), Michigan (1820) and Wisconsin (1836, 1838 and 1840)

* you’ll find state, territorial and US census records at Minnesota Historical Society at 345 W. Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul, MN

Census—Minnesota territorial & state censuses—territorial census 1857, state census for the

following years 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905 are available for FREE on the

FamilySearch site. https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/list

Census—Caution 1857 Minnesota Territorial Census—The Cornwall City citizens are

all fictitious. In fact, the 1857 census records for 7 counties in southwestern Minnesota

are complete forgeries.

Names, ages and occupations were invented for imaginary residents of nonexistent towns.

Blame seems to lie mostly with land speculators who could ask a higher price for land in

thriving communities than they could for lots in the middle of the wilderness. Despite—or

because of—the massive fraud committed in the 1857 census, Minnesota achieved statehood

the next year. Apart from the 7 southwestern counties, the rest of the 1857 census of

Minnesota Territory is quite reliable, as are most state and territorial census records.

Family Tree Magazine,” vol. 12, issue 4, July 2011, pp 16-21

City Directories - http://distantcousin.com/Directories/MN/

*East Grand Forks, Minnesota 1909 Business Directory

*Minneapolis, Minnesota 1909 City Directory

City Directories—------Duluth, Minnesota 1884-1935

Minneapolis, Minnesota 1861-1960

St. Paul, Minnesota 1863-1935

The Los Angeles Public Library, downtown, has the above listed City Directories

on Microfilm

Civil War—“History of Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars”, (2 vol.s) 1890 vol. 1 & 1893

vol.2 available at Google Books

Dalby Database - Cemetery records, Church records, names from books and more


Death Index - http://people.mnhs.org/dci

Divorce Index - Minnesota Divorce Index 1970-1995 can now be found on www.ancestry.com

Genealogy indexes – www.mnhs.org/genealogy

Genealogy links—a list of outbound links via county or statewide resources. Start here and then

branch out for more indepth research


Genealogy Trails History Group—Finding ancestors wherever their trails led—

Minnesota state site-- http://genealogytrails.com/minn/

Historic Sites -

*Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center

202 First Ave. N.

Moorhead, MN 56560

(218) 299-5511 www.hjemkomst-center.com

Minnesotan named Robert Asp built the center’s replica Viking ship in 1974; his family sailed it to Norway in 1982. You also can see a Norwegian-style stave church and visit the Clay County Historical Society Library

*Historic Fort Snelling

Highways 5 and 55

St. Paul, MN 55111

(612) 726-1171


This once-lonely military outpost now sits in the Twin Cities’ midst. May through October, costumed guides and soldiers re-enact 1827 fort life, and the History Under the Floorboards exhibit vividly illustrates an archaeological excavation of the officers’ quarters.

*Ironworld Discovery Center

801 SW Highway 169

Chisholm, MN 55719

(800) 372-6437 www.ironworld.com

Journey through Minnesota’s mining and immigration history—literally–with a vintage 1928 trolley ride past spectacular views of Iron Range mines. Then enjoy interactive exhibits, a living history site, summertime ethnic events and the Iron Range Research Center.

*Minnesota History Center

345 Kellogg Blvd. W.

St. Paul, MN 55102

(651) 296-6126 www.mnhs.org/historycenter

See history-focused exhibits and catch a play in this museum. Then watch a History Player interpret the life of Public school teacher Harriet Bishop, explorer Joseph Nicollet or another notable Minnesotan. And you can’t visit without stopping by the excellent Minnesota Historical Society Library.

*Minnesota Transportation Museum

193 Pennsylvania Ave E.

St. Paul, MN 55101

(651) 228-0263 www.mtmuseum.org

Formed in 1962 to save a single Twin City Rapid Transit streetcar, this museum now has several sites with a working trolley line, interstate tourist railroad, 1907 Great Northern Railroad roundhouse and 70-foot wooden steamboat.

*Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

3713 Split Rock Lighthouse Road

Two Harbors, MN 55616

(218) 226-6372 www.mnhs.org/places/sites/srl

This picturesque 1910 lighthouse guided iron ore-filled ships through what some have called the most dangerous waters in the world. Tour the restored lighthouse and keeper’s home, then see historical exhibits at the visitor center.

Historical Society—Minnesota Historical Society—Along with indexes to birth and death

records, this site’s state census records and rich photo resources also get gold stars.

In the works; a project to digitize Swedish-language newspapers published in the

United States.


History—Rice County, Minnesota History, contributed by Jo Ann Scott


Library - Societies & web site -

1. Minnesota state library page - www.state.mn.us/libraries/index.html

2. Genealogy Resources Available at the University of Minnesota Libraries:

While there is no collection or staff specifically dedicated to genealogy in the University Libraries, the approximately 5 million volumes, a nationally-acclaimed map library, several thousand newspapers, and well over a million government documents constitute a rich resource for genealogists. However, genealogists often come to Wilson Library with unrealistic expectations of what they will find and go away disappointed and frustrated. Remember, the more organized you are when you come to the library; the more likely it is you will find what you are looking for.

Wilson Library is located at 309 19th Avenue South, on the west bank of the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. Public parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the West Bank Ramp on 21st Avenue, one block from the library. Hours vary call (612) 624-0303.

3. Minnesota Historical Society • 345 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102-1906 • 651-296-6126 www.mnhs.org - at the junction of I-35E & I-94 on the western edge of downtown St. Paul at the corner of Kellogg and John Ireland blvd. admission is free. Hours Noon to 8 P.M. Tues, 9 am to 5 pm Wed-Fri, 9 am to 4 pm Sat.

4. Minnesota Genealogical Society Library:

Library Hours: Tuesday 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm

Thursday 10 am - 4 pm & 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

The library is staffed by volunteers and houses a collection of over 10,000 volumes which complement other area library holdings.

Library Fee: There is a $10 fee for non-member use of the library. (Membership in the Minnesota Genealogical Society is $40. Where we're located: 1185 Concord St. N. Suite 218, South St. Paul, Minnesota


5. American Swedish Institute - 2600 Park Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55407-1090 USA. Telephone: (612) 871-4907 The American Swedish Institute was founded in 1929 by Swan J. Turnblad "to foster and preserve Swedish culture in America."


6. The Anoka County History Center & Library is also the home of the Anoka County Genealogical Society, an affiliate of the Anoka Co., Historical Society. The organization is dedicated to collecting and preserving genealogical records pertinent to Anoka County, and to assist persons who are interested in preserving family history.

Research hours: Tuesday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Wednesday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Located - 2135 - 3RD AVE., NO., ANOKA, MINNESOTA 55303


7. Goodhue Co. Family Tree Club c/o Goodhue Co. Hist. Soc., 1166 Oak St., Red Wing, MN 55066. The Goodhue County Historical Society library and archives contain many resources for genealogical and historical research. Library is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

8. German Bohemian Heritage Society – New Ulm, Minnesota, South Broadway at 12th Street South, SW corner. Entrance & Parking in rear of building. Hours 1:30 to 4 pm 1st Sat every month & 2nd Tues 6:30 to 8:30 pm – phone 507-359-2121

9. Iron Range Research Center - 801 SW Highway 169, Suite 1, Chisholm, MN 55719, (218) 254-7959. www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org

10. Norwegian-American Historical Association - 1510 St. Olaf Ave., Northfield, MN 55057, (507) 646-3221


  1. Park Genealogical Books - Box 130968, Roseville, MN 55113, (651) 488-4416, www.parkbooks.com

Specialists in Minnesota area family history research

12. Rice County Genealogical Society & research Library, 408 Division Street - Northfield, MN 55057.

# Buckham Memorial Library: 11 Division Street East - Faribault, MN 55021 Phone: (507) 334-2089.

# Rice County Historical Society and Museum

1814 N.W. 2nd Avenue - Faribault, MN 55021 - Phone: (507) 332-2121.

# The City of Faribault Chamber of Commerce (Tourist Information) 530 Wilson Avenue - P.O. Box 434 - Faribault MN 55021 Phone: (507) 334-4381 or (800) 652-2354.

# Morristown Historical Society: P.O. Box 113 - Morristown, MN 55052

# Northfield City Library: 210 Washington Street - Northfield, MN Phone: (507) 645-6606.

Northfield Chamber of Commerce - 205 Third Street West, Suite A, P.O. Box 198, Northfield, MN 55057: Phone: 507-645-5604 Toll Free: 1-800-658-2548.

# Rice County Recorder (for property records, probate):

320 Northwest Third Street - Suite 10 - Faribault, MN 55021-6146

Phone: (507) 332-6114.

13. University of Minnesota Immigration History Research Center -

311 Andersen Library, 222 21st Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55455,

(612) 625-4800 www.ihrc.umn.edu

The Center’s collections have particular strengths in documentation on Eastern, Central, and Southern European and Near Eastern ethnic groups such as:

  1. Albanian

  2. Armenian

  3. Bulgarian

  4. Belarusan

  5. Carpatho-Rusin

  6. Croatian

  7. Czech-Bohemian

  8. Estonian

  9. Finnish

  10. Greek

  11. Hungarian

  12. Italian

  13. Jewish (East/Central European)

  14. Latvian

  15. Lithuanian

  16. Macedonian

  17. Near eastern

  18. Polish

  19. Romainian

  20. Russian

  21. Serbian

  22. Slovak

  23. Slovene

  24. Ukrainian

14. University of St. Thomas Special Collections -

LLo9 O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, 2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105, (651) 962-5467,


15. Waseca County Historical Society: P.O. Box 314, Waseca 56093

Marriage Index—Rice County, Minnesota 1870 Marriages—contributed by Barb

Ziegenmeyer http://genealogytrails.com/minn/rice/marriages.html

Web Sites

Atlas of Minnesota www-map.lib.umn.edu/bessie/start.html

Cyndi’s List: Minnesota www.cyndislist.com/mn.htm

Fort Snelling National Cemetery www.cem.va.gov/nchp/ftsnelling.htm

History of Minnesota www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/history/mnstatehistory

Linkpendium Minnesota - Genealogy and Family History


Minnesota Death Certificates - Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificate Search 1904-2001



Minnesota Digital Library: Minnesota Reflections


Minnesota Genealogical Resource Links


Minnesota GenWeb Projects


Minnesota Historical Organizations Directory


Origin of Minnesota County Names


Marriages - Minnesota Marriage Collection, 1958-2001 - Free Index at ancestry.com

MarriagesMN Marriages


If you are researching family in Minnesota, this has just gotten a whole lot easier. Not

only does this website contain marriage records for many of the counties on MN, it has a

state-wide search engine. I like that this page,

http://www.mncounty.com/CountyInfo.aspx provides a county-by-county overview of

what these records are, what they include and for what time period.

Marriages—Minnesota official marriage system—learn when your Minnesota ancestors said

I do” by searching this index. Results show the county holding the original record, so

you know where to send a request. Coverate dates vary by county but go into the 1800’s

for many places.

See http://www.mncounty.com/modules/certificates/marriage/

Masonic Records – Available original records of Swife Lodge #129 will be available at the Swift

County Historical Society located in Bemson, Minnesota with back up copies at the

Stevens County Historical Society in Morris, Minnesota.

Microfiche resources located at the Los Angeles Public Library in downtown L.A.

NH Gen 977.6 D6185 Minnesota Divorces 1970-1995

NH Gen 977.6 M3595-1 Minnesota Marriages-Brides 1958-1995

NH Gen 977.6 M3595 Minnesota Marriages-Grooms 1958-1995

Military - Minnesota Historical Society has records of

* bonuses paid to military service members and their survivor (Spanish-American through

Vietnam wars)

* Veteran surveys for WWI Veteran

* Civil War muster rolls

* Grand Army of the Republic post records

* 20th century grave registrations

People finder—Minnesota people finder— http://greatriversnetwork.org/index.php?specialcollection=mhs

Birth records, death records, images and more make this a certain location to start when looking

for ancestors who might have once lived in Minnesota. This is just a subset of information that is

offered online by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Townships—Minnesota Townships are the traditional rural unit of government. Minnesota has

more townships than any state in the nation with 1,796 townships.

Two Harbors, Minnesota Crew Lists – www.ancestry.com Minnesota Crew Lists of vessels arriving at Two Harbors 1929, 1933, 1941, 1943-1952

Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Vol. 60, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2006, p 105



Blue Earth County is located in southern Minnesota. Mankato is its county seat. The Blue Earth County Historical Society (BECHS) has made a number of indexes available on its website. Click on the Research tab and select the Resources link, then Indexes to view them.

Digital Photograph Images – Blue Earth County
Click on this link to view a collection of county photographs that have been digitized and made available by the Minnesota Digital Library. The originals of the 1,426 images are part of the BECHS photograph collection. Click on the thumbnail to view an enlargement with a detailed description of the photograph.

 Cemetery Index—Blue Earth County
Burials in seventy-eight cemeteries have been transcribed and included in this alphabetical index. It contains only the full name of the deceased. Complete information is available in the BECHS Research Center in book form.

 Marriage Index—Blue Earth County
This is an alphabetical index to marriage announcements published in the Mankato Free Press in 1947 and 1948. The data fields include groom, bride, marriage date, and Mankato Free Press issue. You may order a photocopy of an announcement from the historical society.

 Minnesota State Census—Blue Earth County
This database comprises an alphabetical index to the Minnesota State Census of 1865 for Blue Earth County. The pages have been indexed by last name. The data fields include person number, last name, first and middle names, down, page and family number.

 Obituary Index—Blue Earth County
Like the Marriage Index above, this database indexes obituaries published in the Mankato Free Press in 1947 and 1948. The data fields in the index include surname, given name and age, maiden name, two reference fields (publication dates), birth date, and death date. You may order a photocopy of an announcement from the historical society.

 Social Notes
This database contains indexes to articles published in
Blue Earth County newspapers from 1875 to the 1940s. These articles have been clipped from the original papers, and are in scrapbooks at the Historical Society. They have been indexed by town and are listed in chronological order. The towns covered in these scrapbooks are Beauford, Cambria, Caroline, Ceresco, Cray, Cream, Danville, Decoria, Eagle Lake, and Garden City.

 Wills Index
This database provides an alphabetical index to wills that were donated to the society. It indexes only
Blue Earth County residents. The wills date from 1858 to 1973. Researchers can request a copy of a will for a fee.

Pine County - Minnesota

Pine County Minnesota Genealogy Data – http://pine.pa-roots.com/

RICE COUNTY - Minnesota

First created, 5 March 1853, from Dakota and Wabasha counties.

County Seat is Faribault.

# Cities, towns and communities include: Dundas, Faribault, Lonsdale, Morristown, Nerstrand, Northfield, Shieldsville, Warsaw and Webster.

Rice County is located in southeast central Minnesota.

Neighboring Minnesota counties include:

Scott and Dakota counties to the north;

Goodhue county to the east;

Steele and Waseca counties to the south; and

Le Sueur County to the west.

Birth Index—Rice County, Minnesota 1870 Births – contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer


Bridgewater Township is a rural community located in the Northeast corner of Rice

County, Minnesota, roughly 30 miles south of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The area was first settled in 1844.

Bridgewater was officially organized as a township by the Rice County Board

of Commissioners in 1853.

Forest Township Records Copying Project Completed - Record books #1, #2, #3, #4

and the Criminal Docket book have been completed and available for research

in the Marston Headley Research Room at the Northfield Historical Society Museum and the Rice County Historical Society in Faribault, Minnesota.

HistoryRice County, Minnesota History, contributed by Jo Ann Scott


Lockwood—Alanson X. Lockwood united after many years supposed victim of Indian

Massacre finds His Family [Mountain Democrat, The (Placerville, California)

25 Jan 1908- contributed by Nancy Piper]

Lost for 48 years and given up for dead as one of the victims of an Indian massacre in 1859, when the other 39 of the party were killed, Alanson X. Lockwood, father of Mrs. I. M. Bennett of 3631 Greenwood Ave., Seattle, has been located in Manton, California, and the daughter, now past the half-century mark, left Saturday over the Northern Pacific to meet her father she had supposed to be dead. Says a Seattle correspondent of the Winnipeg Journal.

Merest chance has placed the long-separated father and daughter in communication and

wrought events in such a manner that the aged father can be brought back to the family

long lost to him.

His aged wife, who married again after the report of the massacre of her husband, will

basten back to Seattle from Princeton, Illinois, where she is now visiting. The second

husband, whom she married 44 years ago, died a few months since, and she will now meet

her husband of 50 years ago.

During the gold rush to California in 1859 Mr. Lockwood went from Faribault, Minnesota,

with a party of 39 others to seek his fortune in the gold fields, leaving behind his young

wife and daughter of 3 years. By the slow overland route of those days the party reached

Boise, Idaho, where they constructed a raft and started down the south fork of the Boise

and Snake Rivers with the intention of going to Astoria and thence to California.

What became of the party no one ever knew, but the bones and belonging of 39 of them

were found bleaching upon the prairies and the report went back to the little Minnesota

town that all had been killed by the Indians. Years crept slowly by and the little child

became the wife of E. Wickham and the fate of Lockwood passed into the forgot past.

Friends of Mrs. Bennett in the east recently heard of a man by the name of Alanson X.

Lockwood, living in California, and the peculiarity of the name aroused their interest.

The result was that after an exchange of letters it was learned beyond all doubt that Mrs.

Bennett’s father was still living.

Only meager details of the escape of Mr. Lockwood and his subsequent failure to find his

family have been sent to Mrs. Bennett, but that little reads like a chapter from the strangest

romance. When the party was set upon by the Indians after leaving Boise, Mr. Lockwood

was struck upon the head and the Indians, believing he was dead threw his body into the


How long he remained in the water he does not know. Eventually he made his escape and

after many privations reached Lewiston, Idaho. From there he traveled to Astoria, and in

time reached California. Meeting with success he sent for his family. But in the meantime

the report of the massacre had reached Faribault, and the widow, believing the story, had

moved away. Thus when Mr. Lockwood’s letter came there was no one to claim them and

no one knew where Mrs. Lockwood had gone.

Mr. Lockwood remained faithful to the memory of the wife and daughter whom he had left

behind. He could the memory of the wife and daughter whom he had left behind. He could

never account for their disappearance and believed them both dead. He read of the Indian

troubles in Minnesota, and supposed his loved ones perished that way. The reunion of the

long separated family will take place in Seattle.

Marriage Index—Rice County, Minnesota 1870 Marriages—contributed by Barb

Ziegenmeyer http://genealogytrails.com/minn/rice/marriages.html

Pensioners on the Roll - 1883


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